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About Us


Our Journey of Catering

In 1996 the dream was realized with the opening of a small restaurant, seating 15, on Boomerang place, Seven Hills. Since then, through sheer enthusiasm, determination and hard work, the restaurant has never looked back, always going from strength to strength. Over the last Nineteen years the seating capacity has increased from 15 to over 85. During that period Indo Lankan food bar has gained a huge reputation for its high quality cuisine, vibrant atmosphere and first class service.

Indo Lankan Food Bar restaurant have been designed to provide a contemporary atmosphere and serving flavorful, Vintage Indian cuisine prepared in one of the oldest traditions of cooking, including the Tandoori oven and BBQ plate and provide combination of subtle taste of Indian cuisine with the emphasis on fresh ingredients and exotic spices delicately blended to create the various dishes. We present our customers with these regional dishes prepared authentically to give each it’s own distinctive flavour and aroma, which can only be found with fresh herbs and spices.

Indo Lankan Food bar is simple, clean and light interior decor contrasts with the rich and complex traditional cuisine of India.

Our journey will continue for many more years with our customers support to provide the best challenging food for the taste-buds.